Theatre Royal Drury Lane Seating Plan

The Theatre Royal Drury Lane seats a maximum of 2,222 people over four tiers, the stalls, grand circle, upper circle and balcony. The stalls cover rows A to ZZ, a maximum of 29 seats wide. The grand circle includes rows A to L, at most 39 seats wide. The upper circle is home to rows A to L, wider at a maximum of forty seats across, and the balcony features rows A to L, at most 39 seats wide.

If you can book a stalls seat in the middle of the fifth row and backwards, you’ll enjoy great views of the enormous stage, with the rows towards the front a bit too close for viewing comfort. H9 to 17 have been described as ‘perfect’ and L12-13 are also popular choices, while the grand circle’s overhang gets in the way in the back stalls rows.

The grand circle is good for views, particularly rows B-D, and C1 to 3 are very good indeed.

The grand circle boxes have good views with some overhang issues and upper circle centre seats come with reasonable views and variable legroom.

The balcony is steep, especially at the back, a bit scary if you’re worried by heights, with popular seats in rows A and B.

The stalls are 20 steps down from the foyer, then 17 up. There are 39 steps up to the grand circle, 61 to the upper circle and more to the balcony.